Pelican lake Breezy Point Panfish Options

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    Hey Everyone, going up to Pelican Lake this weekend. Whether looks pretty good. We’ll be bringing the Snomobile up this year. So normally I like to fish for panfish on Pelican and I’ve had ok luck. But I’ve never went anywhere besides Nelson bay. Talked to Matt’s guide service today and recommended both Nelson bay or Jones bay. Well jones bay is about a 4-5 mile snowmobile ride. But I don’t feel to comfortable venturing out on my own on a body of water I have no clue about ( lake travel that is). However Nelson bay wouldn’t be an issue. For those of you who have fished Jones before do you feel it’s worth it to go all the way down there or is staying in the Nelson bay/ halverston bay a better bet? Thanks!

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    I take it no one has any info on this topic?

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    That’s correct. coffee

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