Lake Trout??

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    Hey Chad!!

    Interested in trying to land some Lakers?? Could you give me a timeframe when you believe they might be best targeted?? Do you get them mainy on Nipigon or other smaller lakes as well?? Winter/Spring??


    Chad Thompson
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    Hi Chirs –
    Thanks for contacting us.

    Fishing lakers is a pile of fun in the spring, just after ice out. When water temps are in the 40’s to low 50’s we troll spoons for them on inland lakes with a lot of success. In fact, just last weekend I was on Pasha Lake and landed 6 total, the average in the 7 – 8lbs range. We will continue to target the lakers up until the opening of the walleye season, May 15.
    As a side note, another bonus to fishing lakers in the spring is that we get into some MONSTER pike. We have many people that come up for just the spring pike fishing.

    Starting in June, we tend to focus on the walleyes leaving the lakers alone while they transition to deep water in search of cool temps. Starting July, once water temps are near their peek for the year, we focus mainly on Lake Nipigon for the trophies lakers. There we target them anywhere from 70 – 100FOW, down rigging and jigging.

    So the short answer for the lake trout is May, after ice out and July for trophies on Lake Nipigon.

    The average lake trout on Nipigon is 20lbs… talk about FUN!
    Let me know as other question come up.



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    I’ve only fished Lakers once in the open water on a fly in trip, and I couldn’t believe how angry those fish got. They literally felt like they were going to snap my spinning rods in half!! 20lb Lakers on Nipigon sounds like a trip in itself!! Thanks Chad!!

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