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  • Chad Thompson
    2 hours from Thunder Bay, Ontario
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    This is the first of many, many more postings to come from the prolific walleye waters of Northwestern Ontario and Pasha Lake Cabins.

    For those of you who have never visited us up here, you’ll not find a better quality, fresh water fishing experience in the world. In fact, it’s so good up here, I up rooted my Minnesotan family and moved up here 5 years ago. We haven’t looked back since!

    Although the melting ice has deteriorated to the point that our amazing ice season has been put to rest, I didn’t want to let that prevent me from getting my first report in.

    It’s only fitting that my first report be of an extermely special value to the members of IDO.

    For the members of IDO, we will be giving away free cabin rentals from now until May 30th.

    They way we see it, we are in tough economic times right now, but that shouldn’t prevent people from coming to Pasha Lake Cabins ( http://www.pashalake.com ) to experience what has been deemed as one of the TOP 25 fishing destinations in all of North America. With that in mind, we wanted to do something that eased the financial costs of a fishing trip this year. So we thought, why not give a way free cabins rentals in May???

    Northern Pike – Our northern pike season does not close and chasing monster northerns in May can be some of the most fantastic, big fish producing angling in all of Canada. We have several trophy pike fisheries that we access in the spring, just after ice out.

    Brook Trout – Lake Nipigon holds the title to the current world record brook trout. Whether you’re fishing natural brook trout producing inland lakes, or chasing big coasters on Nipigon, you won’t find a better fishery for what is locally known as “specs”.

    Walleye – need I say anything else? Our season is closed until the 3rd Saturday in May, however we made sure to include a least one week of walleye fishing in our offer.

    Lake Trout – We have a very special lake trout fishery to the north of us that is famous for producing BIG, shallow swimming lake trout in May. In fact, lake trout in this lake have been seen jumping in boat wakes just after ice out!

    Also, it is very important to note that you DO NOT need a passport until June 1st.

    I hope the members of IDO get the opportunity to take advantage of this very special offer. You can call us toll free at 866 333 5943 or email us at [email protected] with comments and questions.

    Thanks everyone and we look forward to reporting to you from the great province of Ontario!

    Chad & Michelle Thompson

    Youngstown NY
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    HEY CHAD– Know your’e real busy but how about a current fishing report here for those who are coming up in the future?? Have the fish spawned and moved out into deeper water with all the hot weather? Thanks.

    Chad Thompson
    2 hours from Thunder Bay, Ontario
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    Hey Guys –

    I have been off the radar for the last week, mostly guiding.

    Yesterday I was up on Toronto Lake and we absolutely put a hurt on the fish. I was guiding two boats and our boat was casting cranks all day. What a pile of FUN! We filled the cooler with eyes and some respectable pike to boot!
    Walleyes are in the 3 to 6fow range, mainly near weeds and big rocky shoals. Each lake is different, but shallow water, and the aforementioned have been key. Below is a recap of the past week.
    Sun – Northwind – great walleye numbers, biggest fish 22in
    Mon – Watson – filled the cooler with eater pike, nothing to brag about in terms of size
    Tue – Northwind, great walleye numbers, biggest 28in
    Wed – Beatty – Unbelievable pike numbers, over 30, only 2 fish under 30in, no 40’s
    Thus – Toronto – mind blowing walleye numbers, big fish 21in

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