P2 Smallies – where to start?

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    I’d like to start targeting Smallies from shore on P2 in the St. Paul area but frankly have no clue where to start. I’ve only fished walleye a so far out of the Hidden Falls park. I’ve heard some rumblings that above the dam is the place to be and closer to the Franklin Ave bridge. Is anyone willing to give me some general direction? I am not looking for exact locations just kings to look for and a general idea of where to go.

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    I have seen guys fishing them at sunset in South St. Paul along the rocks across from the entrance to pigs eye/little pigs eye lake. Not much of a smally population compared to the river north of pool 2. There is also a youtube video if you can find it of some guys fishing the backwaters of pool 2 for largemouth but they were all small and you would probably need a boat to access that area.

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