Looking for an open seat near Milwakee

  • Glenn Spaulding
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    Michigander here looking to get out on some Wisconsin water. Will be in Wisconsin Sunday July 14-19. My wife and I are camping in Mukwonago and I was hoping to do some sort of fishing while there because I will not be able to bring my own boat and only have the evenings to fish. She has a work training.

    Anyway, looking for any type of fishing. Walleye or preferably salmon on the big lake. I have my own boat here in Michigan rigged for walleye and salmon fishing. I know what I am doing when it comes to fishing. I also know what it is like to have your own boat. Your boat your rules. All you have to do is tell me what we bait to rig up and it will be set according to the captain. I fish about 150 days a year and love to take people out fishing. I am willing to chip in for gas, buy bait, give a east side fishing trip or a Saginaw Bay walleye trip in return for the favor. Thanks for the consideration.

    I’m sorry charter guys, but I am not paying 400-600 to go fishing when I can do it on my own for essentially free back home. I respect you guys for what you do, but no reason for me to pay a huge bill. Sorry.

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