Any reports on Okoboji? Going up on Dec. 13th.

  • icewhiskey
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    Just looking for any help possible. I have never fished the lake open or hard water. A good friend of mine recently moved there and is begging me to come visit and take him out ice fishing. Walleye rods and pan fish rods are geared and ready to rock! Any reports or pointers would be great. Areas to target and bait and tackle being used. Thanks for any help. If your out on the ice next weekend let me know. Gladly pay for some help with a beverage or two. Happy fishing!

    Nate Siebrecht
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    I don’t have a report for you but give these guys a call. They have all you need for bait and tackle. Also get you headed in the right direction.

    Kabele’s trading post
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    Spirit lake, Iowa 51360

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    I would fish Spirit in the morning. The walleye bite should be great. Look at big stoney point, Buffalo run, Templar park, then try the bays on west O for pan fish. If you need more info shoot me a pm

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    Sounds great! Thanks guys. Brad, you can pry expect a PM later next week. Post back or PM if you make it out and have any news or tips. Greatly appreciated!

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    Good advice to check with Kabele’s. Ice condition is not good West Okoboji is still open in the middle and the bays are just getting iced. Big Spirit is capped but there are many open spots yet and with the wind tonight and tomorrow it may open up again. Little Anglers seems to be fishable. The temps are going to plummet tomorrow and be very cold the next several days, so hopefully that will be making ice very fast.

    By the 13th hopefully there will be safe ice.

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    90% of West is still open Little E is about all thats fishable…With the forcasted temps things look better for ice by next weekend…

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