Transporting walleye fillets

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    I have a 3 day trip planned for Lake Oahe, south of Mobridge for the middle of July. After looking at the regulations I could not find anything relating to fish identification for transporting. In Minnesota and depending on where you go, fish have to be left with identifying features like a patch of skin or in the case of Lake of the Woods, the dorsal fins to distinguish between a walleye and a sauger. Are there specific regulations for bring home walleyes from our trip?


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    I think just about every state requires a 1″ patch of skin on the fillet to identify it. Never heard of the dorsal fin thing. In any case, you will need 1X1″ piece of skin for transporting in MN.

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    Was just up there. On lake Oahe you can have 8 fish a day. 4 have to be under 15″. 4 can be 15″ or above and of those 15″ and above one can be 20″ or bigger. You can have a three day posession if you are fishing Oahe. When transporting you can have only one walleye; two filets per bag. You do not have to leave any skin on them. Wish I was going back with you. We caught lots of fish.

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    No skin on SD fish. Just keep a gas receipt or something to prove where you’ve been. Two fillets per bag.

    Enjoy the trip, I hear the bite is pretty good right now.

    David Anderson
    Dayton, MN
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    Thanks for the clarification. I had the opportunity to fish with then Governor Mickelson in the early 90’s and it was a blast. I am looking forward to returning again as we are fishing the Swan Creek, Morneau river area, south of Mobridge.

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