Oahe fishihg 6/22/12 & 6/24/12

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    Out saturday am found overs in 25 to 35 feet mixed with smaller fish using 1/2 crawler and #4 slow death hooks with bead at 1 mph and 1oz bouncer. Sunday am caught my fish in 12 to 14 feet 1/2 crawler and 2 yellow chartruce beads with small prop blade at 1.5 mph and a 2oz bouncer. put in at cow creek and ran north. Neighbor
    caught 3 overs largest 27 on saturday in 9 to 11 fow on 2oz bouncers and spinners.

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    thanks for the report, launching out of Cow Creek we found fish in the Agency Creek area the first couple days of June, biggest was 26 1/2, lots of smaller fish

    headed up to Whitlocks next friday, can’t wait

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    Thanks for the report. How is the health of the fish?

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    Walleyes are slender compaired to past years. DNR is correct in thinking that they need to come up with a way to feed them! If they do what we caught last week there in the next 2 years will be a wonderfull fishery.

    Pierre, S.D.
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    The fish I caught were all in good shape. Fishing on south edge of mail shack and sully flats. At the cleaning station some were saying some fish still had eggs.
    Neighbors 27 incher was a spawned out female and wheighed lust 5 lb. With water temps at surface sunday at 68 deg the bug hatch could be what is making some fat? My fish were fat.

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