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    I have not had time to watch this full segment, but if you fish Oahe, you remember the devastating affects the winter 1997/1998 flooding caused. In 2011, the amount of water released was much, much greater than in 98. It will be interesting to see how the fishery does the next couple years. Assuming we don’t repeat 2011 anytime soon or we don’t repeat the drought years of 99 – 2006ish either.


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    Kooty I fished a tourney out there last summer in Aug and the fishing was lights out. I do remember what it was like in 2000 when they basically had liberalized fishing limits because there was no forage base left. It took several years but it was very very good last year. Lots of big fish to.

    Quintin Biermann
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    It is goging to be lights out in the next couple years high water equaled a great spawn for the future for all the fish. plenty of forage around.

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    One of the cool side effects of the flooding has been catching Salmon down on Sharpe, way down river like in West Bend and other areas south. At least on a more frequent basis. I hope Oahe never has to go through what is did in the early 2000s.

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