Lake Oahe fishing

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    Looking for information on fishing Oahe. Going out July 27-31. Sounds like a lot of people live bait rig, i’d like to get some input and some places to start searching. Anybody have a HB Lakemaster chip HD chip they’d like to rent out for a week?

    thanks in advance

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    where at? the bite varies from the north to south

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    pretty good info gets posted here:

    Lake Oahe

    was there last week, best was live baiting in 10 – 20 fow

    pulled plugs for about five hours and all we got was

    snot rockets

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    that link definitely has some good info.
    i havent been out there since ’02 after making a trip almost every year from the early 80s somewhere from mid-june to mid-july.
    we fished a lot out of bushes, sometimes suttons, sometimes downriver at spring or cow creek.
    we always fished leeches or crawlers on light bouncers (1/4 or 1/2 oz) or dragged jigs in 12 to 20 feet.
    get a hot spots map. when we launched out of bushes we would always catch fish on main and secondary points and some bays from alberts to willow, splits, sages, no hearts and several spots in between that had no names.
    sounds like i need to get back out there based on those reports. but for me its only 6 hours to p4 compared to 13 to pierre.
    good luck.

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    thanks for the info that link looks like a lot of good info

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    Whitlock campground

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