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  • jkarr
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    I am new from the NGP forum that was shut down. I found that site very helpfull since I just picked up fishing this year. I would like to thank walleyehunter for sending me this site. I know this will be just as helpfull.

    Northwest Iowa
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    Welcome Big Poppa! Enjoy yourself here!!

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    Welcome aboard Mate!
    As I like to tell anyone that is just starting out on IDA. Don’t be bashful if you have any questions. Were glad to help out, and or point you in the direction that your looking to go. Lots of good info.

    Northern Twin Cities, MN
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    Welcome aboard to IDA

    You have came to a great place. The Nebraska area is really picking up speed on this site. Feel free to ask what ever or share what ever. In-Depth Angling the best place on the net.

    “””I like it when they call me Big Poppa…..” Sorry just heard that song today and it is still in my head.

    Malcom, IA
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    Big Poppa K,
    Welcome to IDA. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been fishing for a year or 50 years, or at all for that matter. We enjoy your company, and hopefully can answer your questions or find someone who can. Feel free to post and share information, that’s the way we all learn.


    Annandale Mn.
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    It is always nice to see and hear from new people entering the board cause someone always has something different to add…So welcome aboard..

    Isle, MN
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    Welcome Big Poppa K !!!

    big g

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
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    Welcome aboard Big Poppa K!!!! You’ll start to see some familar names on here from the NGP site. Hope you enjoy it here!!
    Have you been fishing lately?? Things should really start to pick up from here on out with this awsome weather we’re having.

    Ben (aka walleyetracker)

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    Welcome Big Poppa K!

    zachary fries
    Central Nebraska
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    WELCOME Big Poppa K!!! This is a great site with a great bunch of guys!!

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