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    Looking for a great job with outstanding pay and benefits working for an internation corporation?

    If you’ve got a great attitude and have managerial or experience working in restaurants, Yum Brands wants to talk to YOU!

    Yum Brands is currently looking for experienced, career minded individuals to manage their restaurants located across the midwest.

    Click on the Yum Brands banner located at the top-right part of the forum page and visit their website for more information today.

    Do a JOB SEARCH to see what might be available in your area or in an area you love to move to or SUBMIT YOUR RESUME on-line.

    Browse through their COMPENSATION & BENEFITS information and find out about up-coming RECRUITMENT EVENTS to be held near you.

    Finding out what Yum Brands has to offer could not be easier. Start on your career path today by visiting Yum Brands Website today!

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