Channel Cat lock jaw

  • andyb
    Farmington, MN
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    Partner and I hit the most beautiful fork tail cat spots on the Minnesota river down by Jordan last night. Big holes with deep timber snags. Usually in August we kill em. Not one single run except sheepie bites. What the hell is going on? Anyone the slightest hint of a clue. Maybe not a hot enough summer?

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    We found a few shallow down river from you on Saturday night. Most of the spots we had fish were 4-6 fow. It was only my second time on the mn so I’m not sure on their usual spots on the mn.

    Palmetto, Florida
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    I got to believe they are all pretty much done spawning, even this cooler summer. I think we can rule that out.

    Was there maybe a mayfly hatch?

    Fridley, MN
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    We usually fish further upstream, west of Mankato. This year has been a weird one for sure. Fish can still be caught, but we have had to move around quite a bit. Nothing fast and furious this year..

    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
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    You guys ever try leaches for channel cats this time of year? They sure are hitting them on the wing dams on the Mississippi river right now.

    Davenport, Iowa
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    Mississippi cat I cleaned Monday stomach was bulgeing, gut was packed with dark, moist black substance. He bit a 4 inch bluegill but couldn’t been too hungry.

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