Belle Plaine to St. Peter landing conditions

  • wes_bergemann
    Crystal, MN
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    how are the landings looking at Belle Plain, Henderson, Le Seuer, and St. Peter? I haven’t had a chance to check them out this year and finally have the go ahead for a weekend on the river. Are any of these landings in operable for an 18 foot boat?

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    BP just reopened over a week ago, but it is basically worthless. There is a ton of MUD at the end of the ramp and its basically impossible to get anything but a jon boat in there, and then getting it back on the trailer will be fun. I might be overstating how bad it is, but I wouldn’t try it without 4WD at least. The city spent 25k to get it cleaned up and it’s still crap.

    I believe Henderson is still closed as well, not sure about Le Seuer and St. Peter.

    Nicolet County
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    The St Peter landing was fine a week ago when I was there. Others further downstream have been hit and miss.

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