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  • cat dude
    Arlington, MN
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    Looking to go out for some flathead action.

    Anyone know what the conditions are in regards to the current and clarioty of the water?

    How about the landings from Jordan to mankato? Are they usable?


    Fridley, MN
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    Hey Tom. We have been hitting it from St. Peter over to Judson. The St. Pete launch is pretty useable as of last weekend – only about 15 feet of it out of the water. Land of Memories in Mankato and the Judson launch are good to go as well. The river is really high again and lots of current everywhere.

    That being said, we will be out in the area on Saturday night for the first real flathead excursion of the year.

    I’m sure Dtro will be along shortly to school you on the stuff a bit further downstream.

    cat dude
    Arlington, MN
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    Hit a spot for flats that I was a bit concerned the water was to high and the current to fast yet for that location for flats and it was.

    But, the nice suprise was I caught some nice eyes and sauger with a jig and mr twister tail.

    Back tonight with my nephew in hopes of getting him on some fish.

    cat dude
    Arlington, MN
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    My nephew could not make it out with me today but boy, what a bite it was.

    After having a good meal of eyes today from last night and giving my neighbor’s some fish that no longer can get out and catch some fish to enjoy, I had another great afternoon.

    The bite was located on a current seem coming up to about 5ft of water into a creek along a sandbar.

    I caught approx 10 eyes and a few sauger with the largest going 21.5 inches which is still swimming. I do not like to keep any eyes over that 20 inch mark.

    In this location fishing a lindy rig and a 3 hook crawler harness, I caught, moon eye,channel cats, rock sturgeon, sheephead and quite a few eyes and sauger.

    I did after awhile change to a hair jig and a gulp minnow as I was tired of catching so many sheephead after going through about 3.5 dozen crawlers.

    Last night I caught the majority of my eyes and sauger on a jig and Mr twister and today I used a hair jig with a Mr Twister.

    I have to purchase some of the Moxie Chartruese-orange ones as I have heard they are killer in stained or dirty water.

    Going to take a break from the eyes and I think go back to seeing if I can boat some nicer panfish this week.

    The bite has been simply awesome on the river for the 2 times I have been there this year.

    Wondering if the full moon has anything to do with the bite one day being an evening bite and then the next being a day bite?

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    Thanks for the report, well put together. I must say I’ve never heard anyone refer to Rock Sturgeon before.

    Good luck with the pannies. I assume lake fishing for those


    cat dude
    Arlington, MN
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    I do not remember where I heard the rock sturgeon instead of shovelnose but I believe it was when I was younger and heard it from other fisherman many years ago.

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