MN Early Teal

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    “They ruined the regular season!”

    “All birds will leave the state, thanks jerk”

    Had a fantastic teal opener yesterday. Did anyone else head out? Managed a 4 man in about 2 hours and didn’t see another hunter.

    Very few geese to be seen where I was but I’ve been seeing quite a few around town and in a few different fields.

    Seasons just warming up!

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    Plymouth, MN
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    Nice where about do you hunt?

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    Sunrise 6:49 we were leaving at 7:33 with a three man limit off of a WMA where the last duck we shot off of was 45 years ago. It apparently finally froze out the carp that were in it and the water was clear and full of duck food.

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    Nice where about do you hunt?

    All over. This was a small area in south central MN.

    John Rasmussen
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    We should have done the same as you guys, but committed to goose in a field and it was a bust. A couple high flying groups that did not even look at our spread.

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
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    We were on the other end of the state and had similar results. Couple greens and the rest blues. All drakes. Only one juvy.

    Rest assured, they’ll be plenty of people who will blame their lack of success on regular opener on early teal and ywd, instead of facing the truth.

    I’d love to see your limit of “drake” teal on labor day weekend.
    It’s rare I see teal with any color at all in MN let alone this early.
    Seems unbelievable to me that you could pick drakes from hens on the wing right now. Obviously you’re a professional, teach us your tricks.

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