MK deckhand 40

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    Looking for feedback on the MK deckhand 40
    I am looking to use it on a jet boat wondering how fast cable pick up is and does it seam to be a strong winch motor
    Thanks in advance for info/experience sharted

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    Just bought one this summer for the new pontoon. I also popped for the remote switch and mounted that to the dash/console (this has to be purchased separately). I attached a 30lb river anchor on it and it picks it up plenty fast. When it’s really dug into the bottom, it’ll pull the fully loaded 22ft pontoon over-top of the anchor and it comes right up. No complaints so far. Just be careful when you’re reeling up and stop when the anchor is secure in the cradle. I believe there is supposed to be an “auto-stop” feature that will kill the motor but you can end up blowing a fuse.

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    I bought a boat to flip last year and it had one on it.

    I ended up selling the boat to my dad for a couple cases of beer in profit, he loves the anchor!!

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    I bought the 25 lb version a couple of years ago and I only got 2 seasons before it broke. I contacted BPS where I bought it but nothing they would do.

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    I have two on my pontoon and I use them alot both just as anchors and in coordination with the talon. They are pretty slick and yes the remote is a must have. I wish they had one that could work with the app to control everything on my phone or ipad lol.

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