Mississippi river pool 11/12 help?

  • iowaeye
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    Hey guys,

    I’m just looking for a general ideas on navigating mid/lower pool of pool 12. i’m pretty familiar /w areas to fish in the upper pool area but past the Massey station area, I’m pretty new. I’m thinking the Menomonee slough that twists and bends for a couple miles and dumps into deadmans slough would be worth a look? With the rising water I would think this whole slough should be accessible? I’ve fished a portion with decent success in menomonee slough but never the whole thing. I don’t need specific areas but just a general idea of where to go would be really helpful so i’m not running in and out of the CONSTANT barge traffic that is plaguing pool 12 as of late!ay

    FYI-smallmouth were on fire today on wobble heads /w small craws


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