Minnkota Terrova Ipilot issues

  • gixxer01
    Avon, MN
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    Starting late last fall I have been having issues with the motor.
    While in spotlock, the prop would stop spinning and I would begin to drift. The remote still displays spotlock activated along with a prop speed of 10 and prop indicator rotating. However, the prop doesn’t turn.

    This spring, the problem persists. Very sporadically.

    If I smack the head unit, the prop will engage and work correctly for awhile. Opened up the head unit and all connections look good.

    Debating on head unit or brushes. What’s your thoughts?

    SE MN
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    Maybe it’s just losing GPS? Mine does it time to time and it is pretty common from what I hear? I have never smacked mine, just tapped buttons on the remote and it would come to?

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