Anybody interested in this?

  • broadwaybob
    Janesville, WI
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    Are you looking for a partner? I went to college there and fished it a little–usually for ‘eyes. I’m interested and would need to get some prefishing in since it has been awhile.

    Menomonie, WI
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    You’ll be hard pressed to catch a crappie in that lake I’m not much for competitive fishing, but I will surely check it out.

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    I certainly would be interested, and could pre fish. The problem is it looks like they co-ordinate off a section of lake. When that info becomes available would be a big key….

    Menomonie, WI
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    Hard pressed for bluegills either… Although the end of February certainly isn’t prime time.

    I would guess that anything South of the I 94 Bridge will be fair game. I can’t imagine limiting fishing areas more than that with the number of teams on the ice.

    I’m assuming they will be doing the Kids Fishing on Saturday? I wasn’t able to make it the one on Wissota a couple of years back, but heard good things about it.

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    Will be cool to hear about all the new techniques that guys use! Bet there will be some runnin’ and gunnin’ going on.

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