Looking for bass info on the chain

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    We might be buying some land on the chain and we like to bass fish. Wondering if anyone lives up there or fishes it regularly for bass? What is the population like? Heard smallies in it, too? And muskies?

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    You won’t be alone up there in the summer. Lots of water broken up into several lakes which each fish a little differently. Yes there is Smallmouth. Yes there are Largemouth. I think the Muskies are from the river. I don’t know what kind of population there is of those.

    Yep, to answer your next question there are Catfish. grin

    Aren’t a lot of lakes I would like to live on but the Horseshoe chain is one I would like.

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    Catfish can be fun too!! )

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    I grew up on the chain and fished it a ton but don’t get to fish it often anymore. More of an eye guy personally but lots of bass in the chain.

    Mostly green bass but sure can get some brown bass in rocky areas or areas with some current in my experience. Have seen some darn good days bass fishing over the years and fall can be very good.

    Catfish and Muskie were both introduced by the DNR and not originally in the chain. Muskie were introduced within about the last 10 years or so and cats maybe about 20 to 30 years ago.

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    i also grew up on the chain, actually still close but really never fished it much as we have a place in Itasca county. i believe the chain is listed as a top 10 bass fishery in the state of Minnesota.
    lotza water available to fish.

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    lots of bass on the chain, Smallies are taking over and that’s a good thing, catch & release is important (the Chain is a resort lake, so lots of yahoo’s keeping everything they catch)

    I’m not giving up my Smallie spots, but find the cleanest water and you’ll be fine…the lake absolutely has its “seasons within seasons” so specific lures and presentations are dominant at certain times of the year..

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    Bass…’round here we call ’em bait.

    Wife caught the smallie that turned into something much more. Unfortunately, the pike spit it out while we were scrounging for a camera. 13″ smallie for reference. Pike was quite a bit longer than my 32″ bump board.

    The Chain can be exciting!

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    Nice! Can’t wait till ice is off and season opens to fish the lake!!!

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