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    If you were wondering about the results of the Women Anglers of Minnesota Tournament held this past Saturday on Lake Koronis, here were the results. Placement is determined by a POINT SYSTEM, based on an average for each winning fish caught over the last 3 years in each species = 100 pts. So, here are the results:

    Grand Prize Winner = Julie Lane, 3.42 Walleye
    WAM SLAM Winner = NO ONE (needed all 5 species to win)

    1st = Julie Stace (Walleye/Bass/Sunfish)
    2nd = Lynn Berville (Walleye/Bass/Sunfish)
    3rd = JaVonne Vadman (Northern/Bass/Sunfish)

    Rock Bass:
    1st = Tina Gibson, 1.10 lb
    2nd = Julie Showchinski, .98 lb
    3rd = Stephanie Kovilar, .96 lb

    1st = Lynn Verville, 2.32 lb
    2nd = Rachel Barta, 2.14 lb
    3rd = Danielle Skofstad, 2.06 lb

    1st = Sheila Tahia, 2.89 lb
    2nd = Melina Hoskens, 2.81 lb
    3rd = Karen Kratch, 2.62 lb

    1st = Roxie, 3.81 lb
    2nd = Annette Kirshbaum, 3.57 lb
    3rd = Laurie Matteson, 3.49 lb

    1st = Julie Heuwe, .87 lb
    2nd = Julie Showchinski, .80 lb
    3rd = Jean Biesner, .76 lb

    1st = Julie Stace, .55 lb
    2nd = .50 (Name not listed)
    3rd = .48 (Name not listed)

    So, there were a total of 162 fish caught during the day, with 122 participants, and 17 people qualified for the Multi-species category (3 species caught within size limits)….only 9 FISH were unable to be released, approximately 6% overall. W.A.M. strives to be VERY conscious of the effect the tourney has on the lakes & makes EVERY effort to reduce the stress on the fish caught & released back into the lake. Our shore crew did an AWESOME job this year!!

    The weight results may not be as large as the FLW Tourney, but we have a great bunch of women that really enjoy the sport & have a great time participating in this tourney & promoting the fact that: Women DO Like To Fish!!

    Thank you again for the hospitality of all those in the Paynesville & surrounding areas, that helped make this a wonderful event!!


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    Tina thanks for the report and I see Julie pulled off the crappie placement again… Man I have to find out exactly what she is doing and using out there…

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    Yep, Glenn….it’s getting old…we gotta figure out what they are biting on & their presentation, cuz they seem to place in that category each year….we did look for them on the lake, but saw they were moving a BUNCH of times, so I think they had trouble locating them, as well….

    We had the BEST time fishing those Rock Bass, and was surprised by the size compared to previous years ~ just happy to have placed in something!

    Do you know of anyone on the boards that guides over on Osakis? I heard it’s a really big lake, and that the Tourney Committee is considering limiting the fishing waters to just the NORTH side of the lake…otherwise, they don’t have enough shore crew to patrol the entire waters…will have to see how that develops over this year.

    Thanks again for all your exper-teeze!! Had a good time jawwing with ya & fun fishin’, too!!


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    Someone on here will know somebody we will await for them to pipe in with some guides for that lake as well or else I can make a run out there and work some of the structure areas and perhaps find a few good spots..

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    Welcome to IDA, you are going to like it around here. lots of good fisherman, and honest advice and answers.
    Congrats on your Tourney..

    Do you know what you had for water temps?????

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    Thanks for the welcome ~ I’ve enjoyed the tips & reports very much! The water temp varied around 64 degrees the day we fished, hope that helps ~ fishing was tough that day, because of all the fronts coming through (rained all 3 days prior to tourney)…


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