Koronis Opener

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    Well, with the weather looking not to bad (Knock on Wood ), may be out for the midnight bite. But on Saturday, any of you guys see three goons in a Ranger 617 with a white johnson 4-stroke, say hi and compare notes .

    But good luck to all!


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    Fished there two years ago on opener and didnt do so well. Marked alot of fish but couldnt get them to bite. My buddy owns a cabin on the lake and he will be out in a green 18′ lund. Good Luck.

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    I went past the lake a coupel days ago and it was exrtremely clean yet. Not that it is ever dirty, but it was super clean. Water temps should be favorable this year and the night bite should be excellent

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    I will be hitting my haunts over there, after opener.

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    Hoping ya’ll did well on opener! We are headed YOUR way for the Women Angler’s Tourney on Lake Koronis this summer in June…We didn’t catch ANY walleyes or crappies last year, so ANY tips or sites to try would be helpful, but I understand if you don’t care to share the hotspots ~ thanks & I’ll keep watching reports up until tourney…Mom & I had a GREAT time last year, but like I said didn’t catch a single WALLEYE or any Crappies, either ~ got Rock Bass, Sunfish, Northern & Bass was all….thanks for any info or help ~ you guys are GREAT!! And your COMMUNITY support was AWESOME!! Thanks, Tina

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    Well, opener was a little tough. From what we found, the fish were in transition yet. The walleyes we caught (5 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday) were in shallow water…not to mention late morning to the afternoon. Largest being a 17″er. My main water haunts did not produce, some short biters, that was it.

    We sure did get the rods bent though, I’m not a bass fisherman but we caught so many…smallies and largemouth to keep us busy. Also, couldn’t believe the sunnies we nailed on leeches!

    I think next weekend will be money out there. However, I don’t fish Koronis again until June, off to St. Louis River this weekend, and then Winnie for Memorial Weekend and then Musky opener.

    So PM me for some of my June spots!


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    Sorry I don’t know how to PM yet on here, am new to this venue. Please give me instructions on how to do so, and I will email you details about where we fished last year ~

    Or, you can PM me direct & that will help me, thanks!


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    I don’t know how to PM yet on here, am new to this venue. Please give me instructions on how to do so

    Tina, If you click on a members name and scroll down a little you will see send a private message, click that and then just type your message and click send. When you get a PM you will see a flashing envelope on the top of the page right next to the red logout. You should see a flashing envelope next to your red logout at the top of the screen as I sent you a PM.


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