Anybody on Koronis this winter???

  • gjk1970
    Annandale Mn.
    Posts: 1260

    Was wondering if anybody has been out there this winter?
    Ice conditions?
    How is the bite?
    And what is biting?
    How deep?
    Just wondering how the lake is doing this winter… Thanks in advance..

    bob schroden
    Cold Spring, MN
    Posts: 281

    I usually don’t fish Koronis in the winter, the ice can vary so much, with the river entrance and deep water.

    I fish it a fair amount in summer, I know there is plenty of nice fish to be had…

    Annandale Mn.
    Posts: 1260

    Apparently nobody is on Koronis this winter season…
    Well I am just going to have to drive there and take a look for myself of how much pressure the lake is recieving this winter.
    I will let you all know what I see out there…

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