Lake Koronis guide??????

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    Just curious if anyone knows of a guide that operates on Lake Koronis, or if any of you have any experience you could share? I’ve fished this lake probably 4 times with mixed results. I know there’s dang nice walleyes and smallies in there, but so far I haven’t caught anything worth bragging about. I just love the size, structure, and water clarity on the lake and want to get to know it a little better. I’m no guide, but I do have some good spots on other bodies of water that I’d be willing to do a trip-swap with someone this spring….let me know, Thanks!

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    I don’t know of anyone. I’m sure if you checked the local baitshops there would be someone who guides in the area. I plan to fish Koronis a lot next year. I caught some HUGE smallies there last summer, but had no luck with the Walleyes (This was mid July). There was also a lot of boat traffic that day, which suprised me a little for a weekday.

    My new brides parents live within 2 miles of the lake, so when we come to visit the boat will be in-tow.

    I want to try and do some night fishing with slip bobbers “ala Lake Mille Lacs”.

    I’ve also heard that Koronis has some big panfish in it, but haven’t targeted them yet – next summers agenda.

    Maybe we can share info. and learn from each other.

    Good Luck!

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    The smally fishing on Koronis is a blast. I caught a 22 incher on a 5 foot ultra light package. They can be caught all day just about anywhere. The resort side of the second island in 8 feet of water is a great spot. I can tell you what we do for walleyes and that is the same way we fis for smallies. a hook and split shot bounced of the bottom while anchored. Jigs work to. The smallies love the big gulp baits as well. If anyone finds the crappies let me know.

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