Kel-Tec P17

  • wkw
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    Anybody have any input on this gun? Looks like a good deal for the money.

    Hastings, Mn
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    I’ve been looking at them too. Cant seem to find one in stock though. If you have a top secret location with them in stock and willing to share, please pm.

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    Good luck. Kel-Tec is notorious for for never having anything in stock. They would be a lot more popular if they could keep up with demand. And this isn’t pandemic related at all, Been this way forever.

    North Metro
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    Picked one up a few months ago but haven’t shot it yet. Seems ok for the price but that is just from inspection while cleaning it. Ordered mine online thru sportsman’s warehouse but that took a month or two of regularly watching the website to find it in stock and jumping on it when I got the chance. Think it was $170 plus tax. I will try to remember to circle back if I get a chance to shoot in the next few weeks.

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