June 4 Night Fishing Report

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    A couple buddies and I were out of the 101 landing last night from 8pm-1am. Water temps were around 67, and the current was moving pretty good. We fished cutbait during the daylight right in front of the big concrete runoff (no idea what it’s for, giant slab of concrete with a bunch of staggered walls splitting up the flow of the water as it runs down it). upstream, and then worked a couple snags, found some knarly looking trees/logjams pushed up against the bank in 15-20 fow. We didn’t get any hits on the cut bait, however we each got a hit (my buddy got 3) on bullheads once darkness hit. They refused to do more than munch on the backs of our bullies. So now my new project is to come up with a quick-strike/stinger set up for my live bait. I’m thinking I’ll just tie a few inches of 80lb braid to the octopus hook, then add a 4/0 or 5/0 treble onto that? Any of you guys have your own creations that’ve worked? Hopefully we’ll have a good season on the river this year!

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