Intermittent Downtime Today 11/25

  • Dave Lozier
    Amherst, WI
    Posts: 915

    The database repo on this server is failing to resolve. I’ve been rewriting the forum migration script these past couple of days and I need the staging server’s version to match production.

    To be clear, production’s web server now runs on this server which used to be staging only. This server’s size was increased to accommodate the additional traffic. The production server now only runs the database.

    In short, my mucking around on staging may at times cause some bumps for production traffic. )

    Posts: 2286

    Dave, we all appreciate your work on keeping this site running well.

    Central Mn.
    Posts: 15513

    Clear as mud……do your thing and make us great again. applause

    Woodbury, Mn
    Posts: 17843

    Hopefully something happens soon. Its so frustrating spending time replying to a thread only to have it vanish the moment you submit.

    Posts: 17412

    Dave thank you for everything you so to keep the lights on! Its been much better lately since you last did “something” whatever magic that was. LOL

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