Independence and Quasky, 8/16

  • Gianni
    Cedar Rapids, IA
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    Fished briefly around the dams on the way home yesterday. Nothing happening at Independence other than lots of people trying with what appeared to be the same zero level of success I was having. Quasky held a few smallies, but size was very small. Hopefully the future looks bright. Interesting how they revamped the dam into more of a fish ladder. delhi looks pretty similar now and I haven’t had the success at either as I’d enjoyed in the past. Hopefully it just means the big ones are hanging around elsewhere now.

    Dave O
    Posts: 24

    I grew up in Quasky- can’t say I am too happy as to what they did with the damn. Yes it may help up and downstream- but the area that was between the dams was a really great place to catch crappies, walleyes, and northerns at different times of the year- especially if the water was up a little. I’ve caught some nice smallies out of that stretch over the years, and plenty of nice walleyes out there fishing late at night/early morning in the dark. I haven’t fished there in a couple years. Before the new water feature was added, I was up there about once a month on average almost year round. I now go to Troy Mills, Central City, etc.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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    I lost a smallie right next to shore Dave two weeks ago that would have gone 6 to 7 pounds minimum at central city. My boy wants to go try it at troy, maybe will soon.

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