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IDO Season 12

  • Aaron Avestruz
    River Falls, WI
    Posts: 10

    We just wanted to give everyone a heads up — due to some scheduling conflicts we’ll have to move the first episode of Season 12 to next Sunday, November 26th. We apologize for making you wait an extra week but can’t wait to bring you another great season of IDO!

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 13048

    So is the right time to ask if the first episode is uploaded to YouTube yet? jester

    Posts: 1130

    Is the season going to go en extra week or is this just a lost episode?

    Farmington, Outing
    Posts: 8144

    I’m hope IDO has an ice fishing Carp episode.

    More importantly, I hope they bring back “spot on spot” I caught more fish last year because of that. waytogo

    Wright County, MN
    Posts: 1429

    One minute to go. I’m so excited!!! yay yay

    Upper Midwest
    Posts: 4581

    A recap episode to start the season? Interesting.

    Palmetto, Florida
    Posts: 25025

    Lake Irvine was a bust. :).

    I kid!

    Posts: 526

    So disappointed!!:???:

    Farmington, Outing
    Posts: 8144

    No FSN at the Cabin cry

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
    Posts: 13448

    Todays show was much better then reading about some guys who fell through bad ice. The shows really are all the same anyway. Drill some holes, drop some lines, jerk some fish. Had James said in the beginning that the show was shot on a small lake in Canada nobody would have known the difference. grin

    Safety is job one.

    Posts: 2765

    I respect a show that isn’t afraid to come out and say the bite was bad and weren’t able to put out a quality show for this week. It makes a fishing hack such as myself feel a little better. grin

    tim hurley
    Posts: 4486

    I feel good too! Have had plenty of mediocre trips-they have guides and resorts ready to hook them up-course those guides have been deer hunting or whatever, not many fish in November. Next week should be good.

    Wright County, MN
    Posts: 1429

    Lead by example. Playing it safe is better than giving a bunch of ding dongs without as much early ice experience as IDO crew stupid ideas.

    South Central Minnesota
    Posts: 815

    Loved the concept of piecing together all the popular early season spots, but was bummed because over the past few weeks I’d already watched all the early season shows from previous seasons.

    I was also changing a diaper at 8:00am, so I missed the first minute or two. It sounds like there may have been some explanation that I missed about it being a tough bite and the reason for not a new show?

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