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    Tell me guys, I am coming home for break the 19th.. whats the outlook for ice fishing the pool 4 backwaters by then your opinions. I am pretty much talking about the wilcox area. I hope to be home and be getting out. Tim

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    It’s looking good right now assuming we don’t get any radically warm weather. It sounds like the Wabasha area has enough treadable ice at least in some spots. I plan on being there all day Sunday. Ice conditions should be plenty safe by the time you get home.

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    checked more backwaters today around winona. one spot looked to have a solid 2″ maybe 2.5″‘s. i walked out a little ways, heard no cracking or anything. i tried the rock test (very realiable). couldn’t break through it with any size rock i could lift. i’d say that spot was about ready to go, although i saw no sign of anyone else being out there .

    checked another spot that only had about 1″ of ice present. i could break through if i stomped hard enough . definatly not ready yet.

    if your going out this weekend i’d still be very catious. the conditions obviouly vary from spot to spot.

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    I checked out Wilcox today and there is not a lot of ice there yet. About 1 1/2 inches which will slowly sink with my weight (of course I make up 3 Jakes.)
    The Wabasha marina has walkable ice and so does Pontoon sleugh on the dike road.

    Good Fishing,

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