take my boat icefishing?

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    I hope that this question is not too repetitive. I am planning on fishing a lake (back water) this weekend and perhaps the next couple as well. The only way to get there, at least for me, is by boat up the main channel. If I pull my boat up on the beach, my motor can not sit verticle in the water as it is too shallow. Are there any concerns with freezing up my motor? At what temp and duration of time does it become a concern?

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    Just run it for a second or two out of the water to blow most of the water out of the exhaust. If any water does freeze it should be of a low volume that will not expand and crack the lower unit or damage the water pump impellers. Before you restart it let it soak for a few minutes submerged to loosen anything that did freeze or even melt it some. When exiting the water lower the motor and pop the starter a couple of times on land rght away while the motor is still warm and let it drain before storing the motor for travel.

    One always takes a chance when fishing in freezing weather in damaging equipment but you can lessen the probabilities.

    I have fished in near zero degree weather on Lake Oahe for several years and never had a problem. The difficulty was getting off a frozen, wet ramp.

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