Mississippi River Ice Fishing Reports

  • James Holst
    SE Minnesota
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    Nuttin’ yet guys but soon!

    I just wanted to start this thread and encourage others to use this thread and drop any reports they might have regarding ice conditions up and down the Mississippi River valley. I’ll be keeping a close eye on things near Red Wing and Dustin will keep us all updated on Lake Pepin as he drives by it each time on the way to the river.

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
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    I’ll keep my eyes peeled on our pool 10..and try to get up around 9 as well…

    W Wisconsin
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    I live near the river on 5A. Left a glass of water outside last night and it had all of 3 inches in it. Should be enough to walk on. Planning on trying a couple of spots this weekend if the weather holds.

    Red Wing, MN
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    I checked a lot of places on Friday. all the way past Wabasha. No good ice.

    Rochester, Minnesota
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    With a windchill temp of only 10 degrees [at 10:00 am] above this morning it should be making ice somewhere. I did notice that the windchill at Red Wing was 21 degrees above [internet wheather channel] at the same time. They must not be getting the wind as bad as we are right now. Well my oldest grandaughter and I are going to check out the new Hooked On Fishing ”South” store today and look at the ice fishin lures and goodies as its getting close to that time of year. Thanks, Bill

    Rochester, MN
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    Got a very reliable report that some of the traditional first ice areas are not ready. There is about 1/2 to 1 inch of ice in these backwater areas. Shouldn’t be much longer!

    Good Fishing,

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6946

    There is a good layer of skim ice on all the back waters around pool 9 and 10…so it won’t be long and we will be out walking on it…as long as the temps continue to drop down in the single digits or teens at night and hang out in the mi 30’s for highs it will continue to slowly form at night and not melt away during the day.

    Rochester MN.
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    Hey guys got good news , I was deer hunting south of Lacrosse on the mn side and saw 3 lightweight kids or small men sitting on buckets jigging crappies. The same spot was partially froze on wednesday. I know they were only in about 12 to 16 inches of water but the bottom line is ther on the ice and I was in my truck. Any one else going I will be on next week for sure, Tight lines #5

    Bay City , WI
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    I was walking on ice in a Maiden rock pond today while deer hunting so we’re getting close. Must’ve been about 3-4 inches thick in the pond.

    Gator Hunter

    Champlin, Mn
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    I did a little scouting for backwater ice yesterday on Pool 2 and noticed very little ice at this point. Some of the extreme backwaters have about 2 inches on them but the bays just off the main channel a bit have been ice free at this point. Won’t be long as I will be bringing my icefishing gear along with me in my boat so I can park the boat and walk into the backwaters for some early ice walleye and crappie fishing.

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