Ice Auger Recomendations

  • haywood04
    Winona, Minnesota
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    As with the 2 man shacks I was asking about now I will ask for reccomandations for Ice Augers.
    I am looking for motorized, not hand any longer
    What size motor do you like?
    Also brand names that seem to be quality.
    If you have had bad experiences I would be interested in that as well, (what to stay away from)

    I am a sometimes, (1-2 times weekly) icefisher not an everyday so I don’t need top of the line.
    Thanks for the help and input

    W Wisconsin
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    My 10″ Jiffy is 16 years old. It has drilled thousands of holes. It bounced around daily for winters on end in the bottom of my sled, water from the minnows splashing all over it. Never had to do anything to it except change the spark plug twice in its life. Never drained the gas in summer. Never added stabil or anything. After moving here, it sat for three years in the shed. Last year I took it out again. dumped out the gas that was in the tank, added fresh. Started on the third pull, runs like a top.
    I do doubt however that even the jiffies are made to take the abuse that I put this one through any more.

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
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    Hey Jeff,

    This is a like asking what religion is better. Here is the faith I prefer. I’ve been using Strikemaster products for about 10 years now. I don’t recall the first year they came out with the Lazer model, but I got one of the first available.

    If it’s my money, I’m gonna go buy the Strikemaster LM-8. It’s a two horse motor, with an 8 inch hole. This unit is light, fast and durable. I’ve ran many of their models, and it’s still my favorite.

    I would stay away from any 3HP model, no matter the manufacture. They all use the Tecumseh(sp?) motors. We had so many 3HP’s returned at Gander it wasn’t funny. Never a 2HP.

    If an 8 inch hole isn’t big enough for you, get the 2hp 10″, LM-10. Anyone who tries to tell you it isn’t enough motor is blowing smoke at ya. I’ve run this model for a couple years and it works great. However, a 10″ hole tends to “suck” up a lot of ice gear. I’m going back to the LM-8 this year.

    Good luck in your search!!


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    My first ice auger I bought used , the thing is so old and doesn’t look the best but I have never had a problem , it may be loud and not the sharpest , but it still works , its a strikemaster lazer I think , its gotta be 15 years old, was just gonna use it for a few years , but heck if it works now I dont need a new one … Tim

    Devils Lake ND area
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    Do you walk in or drive? If you drive I’d go with the more power. It will be heavier but who cares.

    As far as brand goes it doesn’t matter in most instances. If you have a lemon for a powerhead you have a lemon for a powerhead. The smaller ones will give out quicker if you drill mega holes and let your blades go dull. I’ve heard good and bad about both Jiffy and Strikemaster. I would say Jiffy’s are more longer lasting on the whole when compared to Strikemaster. If you cut only a few hundred holes a year who cares what you get. It should last forever. If you cut thousands get a 3HP Jiffy.

    As far as size of holes. Unless you are going for 20# plus pike excusively anything over 8 inches is a waste of a hole. The auger must work more, takes more gas and it takes longer to drill the hole. Not to mention a potential safety hazard from folks stepping into your hole after you have abandond it. I would even suggest a 6 incher for panfish. If you hook on to something you can’t get through the hole, it’s no BIG FRIGGIN DEAL.. You were going to release it anyway RIGHT!!!!

    Bob Carlson
    Mille Lacs Lake (eastside), Mn.
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    I have been using the Jiffy 2hp Legend for the past three years. It drills holes as well as others… The smaller 2hp power models are the way to go. They are much lighter than the bigger 3hp models.

    Jiffy has also won the World ice drilling speed championship the past three years!

    On the water- Minnesota
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    This will probably turn into a Chevy v.s Ford thread but I have to agree with Bob. I have tried them all and I like the Jiffy the best. Here are my reasons:
    Larger gear box for more torque allowing the bit to drill the hole without getting hung up halfway down the hole in thick ice.
    D-icer blade that will not freeze up or get packed with frozen ice chips.
    Large throttle handle for better control with mittens or bulky gloves.
    Chipper blade cuts extremely fast and is less prone to dulling unlike the serrated blade that dulls easy if you don’t take extreme care of it.
    Depending on how you fish, I move around alot. I use the Jiffy Lightning 7″ for everything from panfish to walleyes.

    NE IA
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    I’ve got a eskimo that works pretty good. Might not be the best, but its cheaper and I never had a problem with it. This post reminds me I should dig it out sometime soon…….

    Winona, Minnesota
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    Awsome input!
    Really helpful for a shmuck like me, when it comes to motorized items.
    I will continue to keep my eyes open for something. My fishing would amount to a few hundred holes not thousands.
    Thanks again

    Chisago Lakes Area
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    I have a 3Hp Jiffy Legend, love it. I couldn’t say anything poor about it. It always starts on the first or second pull. Once it’s warmed up it drills through the ice without any problems. I’ve heard good things about Strikemaster’s Lazer, but have never tried it. The Jiffy is a bit more money but well worth it.

    Lakeville, MN
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    I’ll throw in a comment too. I have a 2hp Eskimo with an 8 inch auger. I love it! It’s fast and lightweight. I’m with the 2hp fan club, they perform very well and are much easier to carry around. My $.02

    Crystal, Mn.
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    Can’t argue with either choice, Jiffy or Strikemaster. What I will add is this, if you plan on fishing out of a portable either will work fine, but the main difference is gearing(RPMs). The jiffy spins fast and the lazermag spins slow. In a permanent house you would prefer a strikemaster as it doesn’t make a big mess, Ice chips being spit all over the floor.
    The two augers mentioned are very comparable for drilling speed as Bob and I have put them both to the test.
    Just my two cents worth!

    Stillwater, MN
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    Lazer 8″ 2 HP 2 blade got my money. I love it. Starts easy, light, idles nicely and doesn’t get your pants wet when plunging through. I haven’t tried the 3 blade yet.

    Had a 15 year old 2 HP Strikemaster normal blade and it’s still running for the guy. Dang reliable but cuts harder with the old style chipper blade.

    I won a 3HP Jiffy in a contest, I hated it.
    Too big and heavy, hard starting, never idled, blasted you with chips because they spin so fast. I can tell a Jiffy starting from across the lake all 3 times! I sold it to get the Lazer.

    I do like the look of the new Jiffy blade though with the extra set of teeth in the center. It looks like it would open the used holes in the permanent shack easy.

    Good Luck,


    Chippewa Valley (Dunnville Bottoms)
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    I use the Jiffy 3hp. It’s about 15-16 years old. Nine inch hole I believe. It is heavy and I am thinking of replacing it with a lighter model. It has never given me any problems. I use a hand auger untill the ice is over a foot. I never minded the heavier auger before my back started bothering me. Steve

    Dean Marshall
    Chippewa Falls WI /Ramsey MN
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    8″ Strikemaster Lasermag gets my vote. Like Hooks said, they are the best for permanent shacks as they will reopen an old hole with ease and they don’t spin near as fast as the Jiffy’s. Light/easy starting/priced right…..Any new auger will work fine. Exactly how you fish and what you fish for should dertermine the right auger for you.

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