3/17 Report

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    Well my dad, 10 yr. old nephew and I headed up to do some trouting on a beautiful day. We started on fountain springs to twin bridges a put and grow stream then to sny magill and finally bloody run. All stream condition were good. Only problem was the snow falling off the trees into the water was spooking them pretty bad.
    We did manage 3 nice browns(one 21″er) and a couple rainbows. Black jigs were the ticket today. I didn’t get to fish much being it was my nephews fisrt time trout fishing but we had fun and almost bagged a big tom with the truck. Only bad thing about the day was getting kicked in the chin and sending my tooth through my lip .

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    Anytime you can take a kid fishing for the first time (even if they’ve fished b4, but it’s their first time for a new species) it’s always worth it!! What the h*ll happened to your lip!

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    Ya he just has to learn you just can’t cast like when we’re on the lake, there are trees that jump in the way and grass on the bank. It did surprise me how well he did after a little though, we even sat down and just took in all the beauty around us.
    My lip well that was after I laid myself out after rising up under a slanted tree that over hung the little ditch I was helping my nephew get up. So after we are all down and back at the truck I went to help him take his knee high boots off, about that time he starts kicking them off wildly and the boot caught me under the chin sending my tooth through my lip. It took a few miles to slow the bleeding, that gives a new meaning to piecing,
    but all and all it was a good day.

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