I survived the Blizzard of December 29th!

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    Hat’s off to the crew of JR’s and getting us off the ice on Monday. Arriving Thursday night, it was a zoo with houses arriving every minute. Adam warned of the coming snow which was the first we had heard. Deciding to stay fairly close to the main road, we went out to the corner at 2.5 miles, turned west then looked for a fairly large open spot, a couple hundred yards south of the road. Setting down with the hitch pointed towards the road, along with 3 other houses spread out, we were able to eat fish Friday night, Saturday night, heeding the snow warnings we made sure we had enough propane and thankfully the outside temperatures were reasonable. By Sunday morning one could barely see 100 feet. Although maybe only 6 inches the blowing was significant. We were completely socked in and starting to flood as the weight of the drifting added to our troubles. By Monday morning the sky cleared and the major blowing stopped. JR’a had a number of guys plowing and one came by and created an escape route that with a little shoveling was the answer. Most roads were single lane. While heading back to JR’s some idiot plowing from another resort had our lane back to shore blocked as his plow sheared a pin. “Just take this 45 degree corner and follow the Yellow Brick Road (to Morts) Although he had his own issues, he had no clue as we weren’t going to make the turn and everything was feeding to JR’s main road, which he had connected to, and all heading in. With the number of vehicles lining up to get by, we all offered to help but his being stubborn did no good. With a crowd gathering he finally figured out he better back up and let the convoy through or we’d do it for him. After getting to shore, parking one’s wheel house was not a reasonable option so I took off with house in tow. As stated we did get some fish with the largest being a 28 incher. Almost all were caught on single hook rattle reel rigs. They certainly were not jumping through the hole but I’d say for 10 guys in 4 houses we caught 30 keeper walleyes, and missed maybe as many and threw back a number of under 10 inch walleyes. A couple of northerns added to the mix. Did get a couple of keepers jigging and marked a ton of fish but they were not very aggressive. Maybe the ongoing weather change and we stayed fairly close to the resort and roads. I good adventure for sure!

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    Nice. Thanks for the report and glad it all worked out. Always seems to be an adventure on big water.

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