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I have all kinds of Hofschneider memorabilia. Worth anything?

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    Years ago I obtained a box lot of fishing lures and Hofshneider Corp. Documents from the late forties through the sixties. Some of the items include lure transparencies, pictures of the Hofschneider children and the negatives for photos used in the August, 1949 issue of the Sporting Goods Dealer magazine. Much more stuff to catalog including proofs for ads in other magazines and original packaging proofs, labels etc. Also old lures in original packages from about the seventies or eighties. Is this stuff worth anything?

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    Better go to Vegas and be on Pawn Stars.

    Snake ii’s
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    Post your questions here:
    National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC)
    Old lures in original packaging can be worth some $$.
    The whole package should be of interest to collectors as well.
    Good Luck!

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    Better go to Vegas and be on Pawn Stars.

    Heck the antiques roadshow. 7fitty I know what I got

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    Guys pay crazy money for original Storm lures in original packaging.And these were from the mid-90s.

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