Heading to LOTW and Wigwam October 10 – 14.

  • jerrj01
    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 1547

    Never been there so are there any general recommendations on baits, methods, depths, colors, spots if you are willing to divulge or general areas. Just looking to make sure we all have fun. And what are your recent thoughts of Wigwam?


    Denny O
    Central IOWA
    Posts: 5683

    First of all you will be early for the shiner run into the river, IMO.
    You will either be stretched out along the south shore pulling the cranks, spinners or just anchored up jigging in 17 through 30 fow. An other possible would involve a bit of a boat ride and travel “up-nort” a bit to around the islands north of garden.

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