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    Just got home from 48 hours at Harlan. Tues Evening we caught three catfish and two small crappies along the dam with black and silver crankbaits. Wed was slow all day. Nothing until we found some whites in Prairie Dog trolling white shallow running cranks. Kept 5 of 7, all 10-inches long. This morning, Thursday, we left Hunters Cove and headed for Prairie Dog again, but halfway there, I saw the birds working and what I thought were fish splashes. That was at 7:38am under cloudy skies. We shut down about 75 yards short of the splashes and used the trolling motor to get into them. Until 9:15 we moved with that boil, catching whites between 10-inches and 15 inches on white sassy shads. Fantastic time! We caught near 40 fish in that time, but only kept 25. Then the nice Game and Fish statician measured each one and recorded it. We had a few around 10 inches, but the majority were 12 to 14 1/2 with one at 15 inches. I hadn’t been into a school feeding on the surface like that since I left Lake Powell 4 years ago. What a Rush! Once the wind came up and the cloud cover broke, the fish sounded and we couldn’t get them to bite. Fresh fried fish for supper tonight was a hit with the fam.

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    Thanks for the report it is good to know the are chacing the shad. Might have to get a hold of my Dad and get down there to fish it. That is a great time I am suprised you didn’t get any whipers.

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    Great job. Now that’s a report !!!!

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