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Quick Report

  • mike_leclaire
    Grand Rapids, MN
    Posts: 412

    All right long time since I have had the chance to sit down and give a report…work and coaching girls softball has me busy busy busy with not much time to fish as of late…but here is the skinny on the fishing in Grand Rapids

    Pokegama – the walleyes are heating up…most of the fish are still on the breaks with a few of the humps and reefs starting to hold fish. The panfish are in the shallow on the beds and sunfish up to a lb are not uncommon…

    Splithand – the walleye bite is on, hard to catch a fish under the slot but you can catch quite a few fish in a day…look for a better evening bite…the panfish are in the shallows here as well and remember the limit is restricted to five…

    Most of the smaller area lakes have really good panfish action right now…haven’t heard much for the walleye bite other than the mayfly hatch has fishing on Winnie slow…and Bowstring has slowed down since the hot bite this spring but not sure what slow means cause the bite this spring was insane…

    Walleye Tournament on Pokegama this weekend had the top 2 places with 50+ lbs on 7 fish…and the top 5 places were 48+ lbs…

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