Garage Refrigerator Heater

  • troutbum
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    Unfortunately, I do not have a heated or insulated garage. We have a refrigerator in our garage for overflow and beer. I want to avoid frozen exploding beers. Has anyone use one of these? Do they work?

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    I’ve never used anything like that.

    But, years ago I converted a chest freezer to a lagering fridge. It would occasionally get too cold when crash chilling the beer, so I added a heat can. Basically a 40 watt bulb in a paint can. I used an STC-1000 which also controlled the cooling side.

    Maybe another option to consider.

    Jon Jordan
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    How old it the Fridge? Many if not most newer models will have a no freeze option already built in.


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    How old it the Fridge? Many if not most newer models will have a no freeze option already built in.

    X2 The replacement garage fridge I got last year was advertised with this feature.

    To me this sounds like a good excuse to insulate the garage.

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    I say just have us over and we will take care of your extra beer problem.

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    I’ve never heard of such a thing as a refrigerator heater.

    At our previous house, I simply batted the stud bays with insulation and hung painted T1-11 inside to give it a finished look that was durable…and that alone was enough to keep the garage from ever freezing hard before I installed a furnace.

    If you wanted to just insulate and hang vapor barrier, it’d be considerably cheaper and keep more heat in than you realize (if it’s an attached garage).

    Victoria, mn
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    Pop out the switch for the fridge light so it stays on. The heat from the bulb is enough to keep it above freezing. You might need to downsize the bulb to stabilize the temp. I keep a thermometer on the bottom shelf. And you’ll need to use an incandescent bulb. LED bulbs don’t get hot.

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    I agree with Ron. Do this with mine. I actually put a switch on my switch grin Come spring, just put it back to normal and all is good.

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    I just put a trouble light on the top shelf all winter. It keeps the fridge running all the time and nothing freezes. Yeah it sucks that they fridge is running all the time, but hey it never freezes. Usually a 25 watt or maybe 40 watt bulb is sufficient. No LEDs though. Has to be an incandescent.

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    To answer the OP, yes and they work well. I had Warners Stellian install mine and have had great results keeping normal fridge and freezer temps in my garage. My garage is insulated but not heated. FYI

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