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    I love these boards FTL and FTR are great.

    I know this is early but I have a cabin booked on Pine Point for two weeks. One week begins 6/22 and the other 7/27. I have two good maps of Leech and study them all the time. I wanted to know if walleye fishing techniques vary a lot from how I fish them on Lake Pepin, ie. walking sinkers, shad raps etc. and how Leech is best fished for eyes. I have noticed big weed beds in Sucker and Portage bays. Do these area hold many pike, bass and Musky or are they pressured a lot. Any tips would be helpful. I ‘m not looking for your honey holes but technique tips would be appreciated.



    In late summer look for the holes in these bays, you will find fish on the edges of these holes in the weed beds. Some of these holes have been some of the best Dog days walleye fishing in the past couple years. If you were to check the water temps under these weeds it can vary 5 to 10 degrees from the surface water.

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