Gas hook up to a wall mount furnace

  • jerrj01
    Hudson, WI
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    I have natural gas piped to my garage from a previous furnace and am about to connect a wall mounted furnace.
    One of thouse high efficiency from Menard’s. In the directions it shows how to hook it up with natural gas and does not show the use of a regulator. Does that seem right?

    I’d really like not to blow the garage up if at all possible.

    Or should I have a professional hook it up?

    Hot Runr Guy
    West Chicago, IL
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    Natural gas pressure is regulated by the meter outside your house. Look at your hot water heater, furnace, clothes dryer or stove, none of them use seperate regulators.

    Certainly, if you’re not sure of what the hook-up requires, call a Pro in.


    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
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    Need to know the gas pressure in that pipe to answer that. Do you have a newer gas system with a 2psi line from the meter to furnace and a regulator there. Older systems tend to regulate at the meter and run larger piping from there. If you want jeff give me a call.

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