Suggestions from Isle Bay?

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    Greetings All,

    Making my second ever trip to Mille Lac this weekend and will be staying and launching our boat out of Isle Bay. Any suggestions on where to begin my quest from there?

    I am hoping to avoid going too far as I will likely have to make many return visits to drop off or pick up the wife & kids.

    My first trip up (end of June / beginning of July) we stayed on the east central part of the lake and did very well (from my standpoint) pulling slow death rigs behind bottom bouncers on 2 Mile & 3 Mile Reefs.

    Thanks for your help

    Brian Hoffies
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    You need not leave Isle Bay. Fish the weed beds on the left for Pike & Bass. Fish the inside weed beds for Muskie. Fish the rock point of the island for Walleye & Smallmouth.

    Suckers can be caught across the lake at the Casino.

    Calvin Svihel
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    Keep an eye on the wind for tomorrow….Looks like a strong west wind for saturday. Just as a heads up, fishing should be good on shallow rock reefs if wind is blowing in. good luck

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
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    Thanks guys, what an awesome lake. Lots of option …and lots to learn.

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    Check right off the n end of the Graveyard…

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
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    Launched out of Isle Bay Saturday morning and really had a hard time locating any walleyes. Eventually made the run up to 2 and 3 mile reefs where we marked alot of fish but couldn’t entice any biters before the wind chased us back to Isle Bay. Spent a good part of the day trying different locations and techniques but never put anything together.

    Sunday we decided to pull the boat up to the north side and we launched from North Garrison Bay Access. We started on the close in reefs and didn’t take long before my 10 year old daughter was battling a 36+” pike on a shake-e-blade crawler harness. Unfortunately that was it for there. We decided to motor out to the flats but found we had an ignition problem and couldn’t get the big motor to fire.

    We did manage to put a few walleyes in the boat, the biggest a very fat 26 1/2″ on our attempt to troll back to the ramp. Fortunately we were able to flag down another boat that was kind enough to tow us in before my trolling batteries were completely shot.

    Not sure when I’ll make it back up but I definitely have some unfinished business on that lake.

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    That wind was BRUTAL saturday night….. I could feel it in the bar at Hunters Pt

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