Fishing Kabetogama

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    Several of us will be staying at the Moosehorn Lodge on the western end of the lake in Mid June
    targeting walleyes mainly, but would also like to try for smallies and maybe some panfish as well.
    I have never fished the lake and would appreciate a few general tips on fishing the lake if
    folks wouldn’t mind. No spots unless you want to give them up, but comments about the type of
    structure and what to expect on the lake would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mid June
    targeting walleyes

    A lot will depend on how the lake conditions are. Last couple winters have been pretty long, so early or late spring might dictate quite a bit where theyll be only a few weeks after opener. I would assume shallow still but repost this next spring and I’m sure you’ll get some better advice.

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    The last two springs have been fairly late and we have had luck on the bigger eyes shallow the week before memorial day and from what I hear that carries thru most of june. If your looking for eater size fish I’d say target pods of sauger as the last strong year class of eyes was 07 and this fish are now growing into the slot. I’ve found smallies is on rock piles when we have been up there, there are no shortage of rock piles either though boat control can be an issue in the windy days.

    If I have my way I will be up there some time next spring in late may or early june. Post again next spring and I may have more recent intel.

    Hudson, WI
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    Thanks everyone for the help. I will repost closer to then and with help and a little luck I will post the results.

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