First Trip to Montana

  • tegg
    Hudson, Wi/Aitkin Co
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    Sounded like a great trip. Well done on the photo journal.

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    Very well done and an excellent read.

    What a trip !



    Aaron Avestruz
    River Falls, WI
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    Thanks guys! Hoping to get back one more time this summer/fall. I love fly fishing Western WI / SE Minnesota, but there’s something special about the mountains.

    Hudson, Wi/Aitkin Co
    Posts: 1450

    I’ve only been west one time back in my fly fishing infancy days. I was able to fish the Middle Fork of the Salmon River & some of its tributaries in Idaho. Mainly Cutthroat with some Mountain Whitefish thrown in. It may turn out, however, to be the only time in my life to have caught Bull trout. Their range seems to be shrinking.

    I’ve always had other trip ideas. Been looking more into Canadian Brook Trout the past handful of years. I just need the company to add two more weeks of vacation to the benefit package.

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