Drop shot rig

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    I’ve noticed several guides and some anglers using drop shot rigs rather than a Dubuque rig.
    What’s the advantage of a drop shot rig with 2 baits versus a Dubuque rig?
    How high up is the first bait and second bait?
    Any other tips for tying one for the river?

    I may try one tomorrow.

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    If your talking about a drop shot with two baits above the weight all on the same mainline? Advantage is to always have baits a set amount above bottom when dropping down to contact bottom. Distances of any setup like this is ever flexible. I’ve never ran that setup but I could see people doing it if they don’t have heavy enough jigs to replace the drop shot weight.
    Advantage is also to run a subtle presentation like a true drop shot where you wiggle a stationary bait and maybe hop it along. I’m not aware of this as described above to be popular. I’ve done it with flies for big pike, but dragged versus stationary.

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    I’ve done this some. A dubuque rig likely would have worked just as well, but needed more weight than my jigs would support. First hook was normally 4-6″ above the weight and the second depended on the height I was seeing the suspended fish, normally 12-18″ above the first bait. I was trying to stay stationary and vertical in current with a couple fluke style baits. It was very effective, but I don’t like fishing slow so this is always a last resort technique.

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