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Drop Shot for Crappies.

  • Tinker
    Iron Range
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    Just got back from a small lake north of Coleraine. Caught many Crappies nothing large 9 to 10 in average. Son took 6 for dinner. Most were caught with minnows on a bare hook with a 1/4 oz drop shot weight set at 2 ft off bottom. I have been using drop shot for several years. Make my own weights from 1/4 in brass rod. Beginning to really like this system.

    tim hurley
    Posts: 4712

    That rig probably would have helped me yesterday, lots of small pods of fish close to the bottom, with my jig by the time it got down there I often drifted away from fish.
    Friend of mine used to fish with young kiddos, loved D. shots for sunnies, no casting meant fewer tangles plus the drop shot punched right threw to the bigger fish.

    Posts: 367

    I do that. I can use two hooks so I spread it out a bit with a really, really light weight rod in the rod holder. If the line moves, pick it up. If nothing happens for a few minutes, give the reel a crank.

    Iron Range
    Posts: 75

    Definitely will be trying this system when the leaves start to fall and Lake Vermilion calls.

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