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    So i converted my boat graph, a garmin 93sv, to an ice bundle for winter use. I finally had a chance to use is yesterday. I love having the mapping built right into the unit, but i wasnt overly thrilled with the flasher itself. I expected a little lag and delay, but didnt expect so much. I used it alongside my old LX5 and its night and day. The lx5 is instant feeeback on screen while the garmin is a very substantial lag.

    Is this just the way it goes with digital flashers, or is it more attributable to my garmin being an older unit? I don’t remember what year i got it but its been a good number of years. I did make sure it has the newest software update, so i know that isnt the issue.

    Its kinda making me think about just getting a new mechanical flasher…

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    Any of the ones I have tried have all had a lag. I still run flashers because of it.

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    Are you running it in graph mode or the flasher style mode? Run it in graph mode and watch the leading edge of the screen.

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    I prefer jigging under my vexilar over my garmin. Even in 2d I don’t really like it. So I just use my garmin for mapping and maybe a spare flasher if I bring a nephew or someone without there own gear

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    Working a bit from memory here, but my old CHIRP 93sv and plus 93 when used on ice in flasher mode, you had to set the scroll speed to ultra. Has to do with how fast the screen is refreshed. Made mine every bit as good as my LX5 Marcum. Not sure I remember how to get there, but it’s somewhere in the menu.

    Wade Boardman
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    Just had this conversation with a buddy earlier today. He ended up deciding to buy a Vexialr FL18. I run a Humminbird Helix 7 and an FL18. The A-Scope window (aka: RTS Window; aka: real time sonar window) on the side of the 2D graph screen seems to be the best real-time option you have on the Humminbird. Setting the screen update to Ultra is needed as well. I use that a lot. There is a definite difference. Also I will say, you almost have to buy a Lithium battery for the digital units. The analog unit can use a cheap lead/acid battery for ever. My 20 year old Vexilar battery that came with my FL18 finally died last summer. They both have their pluses.

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    Im for sure going to try this!

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    Can’t speak to Garmin but I have been running a Helix 7 here for 4 years now. I do not notice any lag. It does take a few seconds to read bottom when checking through holes tho. I got my Helix “free” when I bought my Terrova from Reeds and use it on my bow too. It is imperative you update to the latest software I believe. I would check into that.

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    I run a Helix 5 and have no issues lagging at all. As said above the only lag is when checking holes it will take a couple of seconds to read the bottom. I went from a Marcum to a Hummingbird and have been very impressed.

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    What do we define as lag here? How important is a fish finder to be completely lag free? It seems like that quarter of a second that is being defined as lag is completely irrelevant.

    My 2 cents, but the information I want is where the fish is, where it has been, how big, and if there are others being able to pick each one out individually. A 2d screen will provide you with all that info the best especially with its sonar return history. Once a fish is engaged at our lures I’m shocked folks are still intensely focusing on their screens. Once that fish is on bait im focusing almost entirely on my rod tip and rod action, only checking back to see if it’s reacting with what I’m doing.

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    No lag on graph mode on Helix 7 here . Up your chart speed . You are missing a lot of info if your using the round flasher mode on a Helix unit . Converted an FL28 guy and a few other flasher users .

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    Helix 7 G2 No lag. I was super concern about this so it took a while for me to jump on the digital board. However I love it, and you can see inside weeds so much better.

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    I think there can be some useful info on 2d screens ice fishing, especially with bigger fish like lake trout and working a larger area of water. But overall I’ll take a vexilar over my garmin 2d for panfish and walleye.

    Majority of tournament anglers are still using a flasher for a reason.

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    Majority of tournament anglers are still using a flasher for a reason.


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    I have no complaints about my Marcum LX6 and dont notice any lag. That said, once I see the fish coming up to my bait, my focus generally goes to the rod tip when Im panfishing. For walleyes, I rely on feel as much as watching the graph.

    I do have all 3 presentations up on the LX6 but mostly look at the zoom vertical bar type view with the round flasher type 2nd to to see the whole water column.

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    Ironic timing for me. I fished a tournament Saturday. I have the 93SV with GT10 set up for my hole-hopping (Livescope in the shack). My brother-in-law has a Helix Ice setup. My 93SV was extremely disappointing. I fished 9-16 FOW and could not see my bait the majority of the time. I’m talking a sizeable 1/8 oz spoon with a minnow head. I had more interference than anything. I could see fish but not my bait.
    The Helix seemed to be working significantly better.
    I will be in the market for a mechanical flasher at some point.

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    No lag on graph mode on Helix 7 here . Up your chart speed . You are missing a lot of info if your using the round flasher mode on a Helix unit . Converted an FL28 guy and a few other flasher users .

    Agree with this. I don’t ever use the flasher mode. it might take a little bit to get the settings dialed but it’s a pretty short learning curve with ask the info out there. I recommend a lithium battery as well for the digital graphs, should last all day with a 9 ah. I even picked one up for the fl-8 the other day at runnings. 7.5ah Norsk for $60. I think it will run the fl-8 for 36hrs. It’s worth it just for the weight savings!

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