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    Nice job on the interview in today’s St Paul Pioneer Press. You should get a copy of that picture for your profile here…wink, wink

    Brad Laabs Interview.

    Posted on Thu, Jun. 17, 2004



    Brad Laabs

    Brad Laabs, a walleye fishing guide in the Detroit Lakes, Minn., area, said the forecast for the weekend looks good.

    “The mayfly hatch is over on most of the lakes, and the fish are feeding again. There was a walleye tournament on Big Detroit last weekend, and the winners had 12 fish for 36 pounds. There were some real quality fish in there.

    “Otter Tail, Pine and Pelican have turned back on after being down from the mayfly hatch. Most fish are relating to the cabbage weed beds. The best baits have been leeches and night crawlers. Some people are using minnows. The shiners have lost some of their appeal, and redtail chubs seem to be the go-to minnow bait.

    “On Otter Tail, there are three groups of structure that produce fish: the shallow flats, on the edges in 17 feet of water in the middle of the lake and in the deeper basin in 24 to 32 feet. The same thing goes for Pine Lake. It still has the shallow water bite for smaller, eater-size walleyes in 11 to 14 feet, and people can fish off the midlake humps as deep as 36 feet of water.

    “White Earth is starting to come back on. The mayfly hatch there started a little later than other lakes.

    “The best time for walleye fishing has been in the dusk and dawn, in low-light conditions. Wind and clouds help for the daytime bite, but the early morning and evening bite has been the best.”

    “Cormorant and Island lakes are turning out some good smallmouth bass. Big Toad has been consistent for largemouth bass and crappies.”

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    Thanks for the nice comment Jon. I have been “guide of the wk” with the paper before also. I appreciate the press. As you can see by my pic…..there is a reason I don’t include my pic here. I think this site has attraction standards! We have seen the 2nd mayfly hatch come and go and I believe we will get one more. The break in the weather has helped with the bite. Big D turned some dandy fish last night for my clients and myself….8 16-20″ers. 3 on jigs and minnows and 5 on crawlers. (15-17ft of water on the midlake) Sorry about my irregularity of posts. I have been busy with guiding am and pm. I was also gone for 6 days to Winnebago for the MWC (finished 42nd out of 220)LATER

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